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Around the world, more than 2 billion people have water that contains harmful germs or chemicals. If they were to drink this water, they could get seriously sick or even die. So for them, bottled water isn't a convenience. It's a necessity. Some bottled water contains fluoride, which protects your teeth from cavities..

GO BACK. Announcements & Tutorials. Explore our NEW Text Set: Celebrating Black History and Voices! Our newest Text Set collection features articles and videos about Black history and culture—plus graphic organizers, close-reading questions, and other teaching resources to help students compare texts and integrate information. Explore.Unfair and Unsafe. Chávez was born in Arizona in 1927. When he was 11, his family lost their small farm, and they moved to California. His parents became migrant workers. They traveled from farm to farm, depending on where they could find work. As a kid, Chávez worked in the fields to help his family earn money.

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In some parts of the U.S., people will experience a total solar eclipse. A solar eclipse happens when the moon passes directly between Earth and the sun. During a total solar eclipse, the moon completely blocks the view of the sun from certain places on Earth. This happens somewhere on Earth about every 18 months.SOCIAL STUDIES. Watch a video to learn more about breaking—and see it in action! May 13, 2024. Going for the Gold. SOCIAL STUDIES. A style of dance called breaking is coming to the Olympics for the…. April 29, 2024. The Struggle for …Academic Standards. Reading Objective: Children will build knowledge about the civil rights movement and evaluate the contribution and bravery of Ruby Bridges. Common Core Standards: SL.1.2 Discuss a video; RI.1.1 Key details; RI.1.5 Nonfiction text features; RI.1.10 Read and discuss first-grade texts; W.1.1 State an opinion.

Worldwide, more people are pulling themselves out of extreme poverty than ever before. (Extreme poverty is defined as living on less than $1.90 a day—sometimes without basic necessities like food and shelter.) An estimated 1.9 billion people lived in extreme poverty in 1990.Many people rely on article marketing as a way to drive traffic to their website. Search engines such as Google generally index online content and add it to their database automati...Kids Fought for Change. February 13, 2017. On a hot August day in 1958, 7-year-old Ayanna Najuma and her friends went into a restaurant in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The kids sat down and tried to order food, but the waitress ignored them. They waited for hours, but no one would serve them.Read a short science news article with a circle graph about eye color.

The ultimate goal of the 6th grade reading curriculum is for students to read increasingly complex texts over the course of the year, preparing them for high school, college, and careers beyond. Students read a variety of texts and different genres, including fiction, drama, poetry, and non-fiction. There is a specific emphasis on and increase ...Advice for New Teachers on Celebrating Small Victories. Grades PreK - 6. Explore Scholastic Teaching Tools for teaching resources, printables, book lists, and more. Enhance your classroom experience with expert advice!Science of Reading. More than four decades of peer-reviewed research informs our understanding of reading development and instruction. This large body of scientific evidence is known as the Science of Reading. Scholastic understands the importance of explicit literacy instruction. We provide research-based print and digital literacy solutions. ….

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Scholarcy's AI summarization tool is designed to generate accurate, reliable article summaries. Our summarizer tool is trained to identify key terms, claims, and findings in academic papers. These insights are turned into digestible Summary Flashcards. Scroll in the box below to see the magic ⤸. The knowledge extraction and summarization ...Yes! Homework is a valuable tool that allows students to practice what we learned. Without it, we might forget what we were taught in class, and that could cause our grades to suffer. Plus, assignments show teachers whether or not kids understood the day’s lessons. That alerts them to the areas where kids need help.A group called the Taliban wanted to stop her. The Taliban are an evil group of terrorists. At first, October 9, 2012, seemed like an ordinary day in the Swat Valley in northern Pakistan. Malala Yousafzai [yoo-suf-ZEYE], 15, was on a school bus waiting to go home. Suddenly, two masked gunmen stormed the bus.

Give him a job. Put him in charge of certain tasks, like watering the plants. Use easy-to-grow veggies (squash, lettuce) and flowers (marigolds, petunias). Try a theme. Plant a "pizza garden" of tomatoes, peppers, and basil or a "rainbow garden" with flowers of each color in the spectrum. By helping in the garden, preschoolers gain ...Text Sets. Our Text Set collections feature articles and videos on popular grade 3 topics—plus graphic organizers, close-reading questions, and other teaching resources to help students compare texts and integrate information. Teaching Strategies: Teaching With Text Sets.Our newest Text Set collection features articles and videos about Black history and culture—plus graphic organizers, close-reading questions, and other teaching resources to help students compare texts and integrate information.

how much does a rotor replacement cost Our newest Text Set collection features articles and videos about Black history and culture—plus graphic organizers, close-reading questions, and other teaching resources to help students compare texts and integrate information. Explore. Dismiss. How Students and Families Can Log In. 1 min.Build early-reading skills and teach science and social studies topics with fun nonfiction just for first grade, plus activities, videos, and more. Subscribe or log in. alpine ine w940tractor supply tubs Montessori is centered on establishing independence, self-esteem, and confidence while fostering learning at a child's own pace. This self-paced education is accomplished by changing the role of adults in the classroom from teachers of a whole class into that of "guides," as they are often called, for the students as individuals.Communicating Information: Use a graphic organizer to…. Take a multiple-choice quiz about the science news section of the…. Explore the February 14, 2022 issue of Scholastic Science World and related digital resources, videos, and games. td bank atm withdrawal limit per day September 2019 September 2019. PDF. Academic Standards. Reading Objective: Children learn to think like scientists by asking and answering questions about apples. Science Focus: Scientific process; Apples. CCSS: SL.1.2 Discuss a video; RI.1.1 Key details; RF.1.5 Nonfiction text features; RI.1.10 Read and discuss first-grade texts.Scholastic Classroom Magazines feature fascinating, authentic articles about natural science, as well inspiring stories about students making a difference in the field. Spring is the perfect time to teach students about natural science. With Earth Day right around the corner, we know you're looking for engaging lessons to inspire the next ... deaths in atlantic city njoverhead lineman jobscruiser parts sullivan nh Elementary schools can choose to exclude certain books with content related to racism and LGBTQ identities when hosting this year's Scholastic book fairs, the children's book publisher said. golden corral n tryon st charlotte nc Numbers in the News: Cheese. This March, Wisconsin hosts the World Championship Cheese Contest. Check out these tasty facts about cheese! March 11, 2024 Issue - Articles, Activities, and Videos | Scholastic Science World magazine.Between the ages of 4 and 7, mutual, reciprocal play is the glue of friendship. Children become increasingly able to generate complex fantasy games, taking on roles, giving one another directions, and sharing leadership. By around age 7, conversation becomes central to friendship. how fast do locs growrims for 285 70r17how much to get a starter replaced At 9:30 p.m. on June 11, 1962, the lights went out at Alcatraz Prison. Most of the inmates tried to sleep. But not Frank Morris. Morris waited for the prison to quiet. His heart pounded. If his plan worked, he would never sleep behind bars again. Morris and three other prisoners planned to escape that night.